Domestic Puzzles

Domestic Puzzles 1.0

A free game that offers about 200 jigsaw puzzles to solve
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Domestic Puzzles is a free game that presents classic jigsaw puzzles, those where you need to recreate a picture by putting its pieces together. The game features a diverse collection of about 200 photographs of all sorts of themes, including landscapes, people, sports, animals, flowers, and landmarks. There is also a selection devoted to lighthouses, a series of pictures of modern and old cars, aircraft, and historical buildings. Pictures are organized in a gallery, from where you simply choose the one that you want to play with. You can configure your game to suit your skill by selecting any of the three difficulty levels, and also enable piece rotation to make your puzzles harder.

The game offers many helpful functions accessed from the buttons on the interface or from the contextual menu. One of these is the ghost picture, which will serve as a guide while solving the puzzle. There is also a hint button that you can click whenever you need some help to find matching pieces, a button to show only the border pieces, and many others. The game is free; it is supported by advertising so it will show you a small banner while the game is loading.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Three levels


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